Lugano - Sunset and night - Private Tour - 1 to 4 people

Untitled photo

The best night captures of the Lugano Region

You will click your best sunset & Night captures of the Lugano Region!

You will enjoy lugano from

- Castagnola district,

- The san michele park

and the Mount Bre’ peak....

One full evening from Sunset to Night time, you will be accompanied and helped in taking night captures, traveling on a luxury SUV, right to the most beautiful places of the Lugano Gulf, no long walking needed!

Giuseppe will always assist you and take pictures with your camera if requested! :-)

The cost of this Tour is: CHF / EUR: 400.-
(No matter how many people will join the Tour)

For reservations and informations ask the reception of the Hotel, or call me directly at:
+41 79 828 18 69 (whatsupp available)

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